What do YOU wear at Disney

I'm thinking about doing some DIY shirts, with subtle Disney affects, mostly to get my DH more on board. I know before we leave he will fight Disney attire and matchy matchy. But once we get there he will be like "Why didn't we do that?" Just how he is.

Also, we are travelling June, and yes I know it will be hot humid, so I have to keep that in mind for all of us. :)

EDIT: Change "did" to "didn't"

I always try to make sure the girls match. Either by wearing the same shirt, same dress or at least have the same princess on their outfits. I dress DH and I in complimentary colors. I feel this makes for better pictures. There were some days when we didn't match though. I managed to get DH to wear a Grumpy shirt, a Perry shirt and a Star Wars shirt (for SWW) when we were there. He drew the line at me buying him a Mickey shirt to wear though. I plan on making a couple of matching family shirts for our May trip!

Which look do you like best

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